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Hello and Happy New Year, 2023 !

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R.I.P. Mithril 1978- 2012 Mithril, born in Maine as a Downeaster, was a tough old girl, destined to work in the fishing industry all her life. Me and Tom Meny started to work with her in 1992 when she was 17 years old and I'll tell you, she was a hard worker and hardly ever missed a day of work. Of course, we all need a little down time and maintenance once and a while, but true to the spirit, while out working, she would never give up until the day was done. We did push the limit a few times while playing with Mother Nature, but it was always fun, and you always got us back home under your own power. There were many a day, either breaking the inlet or returning back to port after a hard day of lobstering of fishing, you realized having good partners, mates, and tools of the trade, was a priceless association in our industry. I will always cherish the memories of our time working at sea and times at the dock. You had character and class one can not forget. You will be missed by many, and memories of you will live on and on. So my old friend, I wish you grand sunrises and sunsets, fair weather and smooth cruising in your next life. I know you will meet up with Tommy (The Claw) Meny, our late partner, so you two hold a steady course until we all meet again. Richard (Dickylobster) Riddlebarger.
Got to watch this: Hurricane Irene playlist ---> Hurricane Irene:

And this:

Here you go. Here's a new link to Doxsee Clam Co.
Sometimes the tide is high and sometimes it's low.

Hey, it's me LobsterDick, goin' for some dinner. Your welcome to come along.
Question: "So how do you cook this dang thing anyway." Answer: steam 5 minutes first lb., 1 minute each additional lb. Boil; add lobsters to boiling water, when water comes back to boil, and lobsters turn red, their done. -- Be carefull and watch your timing!! Lobsters cook quickly and keep cooking after they are out of the pot until they cool down

Ever wonder why lobsters have claws?


Find out why in "A lobster tail by Paul D. "

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Here for Gilligans'Isle

cool-parrot-2.gif Hungry after a hot session on the beach or on the boat? I'm sure you'll find something interesting to cook for dinner. This is where to go to check out a fish dish for dinner---> blackfish_01-2.gif

- Recipe Page -

Got 'em all weighed up. O.K. Time to sort 'em out. packout_01-2.gif
Little ones to the left -- Big ones to the right!


Filling up a couple of totes with bugs isn't easy. A couple of fellow lobster-men up north can show you how it's done Visit these pages to see what -lobstering- is all about.

Just the other day while surfin' around the net, I stopped by for a visit to the -Gulf of Maine Research Institute.- Glad they are working on info on lobsters.

Sunset, Point Lookout style sunset_01-2.gif

-- Fishing outer banks style.
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