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Ja Mon! Here is a great video on Jamaica, well worth the watch

A Jamaican journey.

The December, 1999 trip to Negril, Jamaica.

The first part of a trip is leaving.
Our flight out of JFK to our stop over and transfer to another plane in Miami, went smoothly.

vz-01.jpg View of the V.Z.Bridge from Long Island to Staten Island.

Cloud cover view from 35,000 ft.,south bound. cloud-2.jpg

After arrival to Montego Bay, my party and I are met by my long time friend, Gasford Graham, from Negril. I find that the ride from the airport to Negril is much more enjoyable in a private car than a bus. Makes stoping for a Red Stripe that much easier.

"So mon, ya need a beer?"
Heading up West End Road to the Negril Yacht Club.

Some people go to Negil for the long, beautiful beach. Some go for the reggae and the nite life.
Me? Well I do love the beach and Negril nite life is wild and crazy, but you got it, I go to get wet. I like to take my rooms up on West End Road, on the cliffs, usually at a place called Sam Sara. sambar-01.jpg A picture of the bar/resturant. A big change from the tiki bar from before Hurricane Gilbert.

From the water: Three of four tower-tree houses with ocean view.
The best rooms in town. The "T" are right on the cliffs get the cooling sea breeze. The cliffs make for a great wake-up call before breakfast--just jump right in mon!. 3teehouses.jpg
The "T"-houses at Sam Sara are right up my ally. There right on the cliffs, with a great sea breeze and great diving from 5-15 ft. high cliffs, into 20+ft. deep clear water and good water exit. Small, captained boats do pick-ups cliffside for scuba,snorkling,sightseeing, fishing or to commute to the beach or just go putt around.


The Players

The Cliffs

Pix from past trips

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